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Ask AZ: Discover the best places to eat, drink, and shop in Azerbaijan

What is Ask AZ?

Ask AZ is a term that can refer to different things depending on the context. In this article, we will explore four possible meanings of Ask AZ:

  • Ask AZ as a state-owned industrial corporation in Azerbaijan

  • Ask AZ as a national confederation of entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan

  • Ask AZ as a mobile app for sexual assault survivors in Arizona

  • Ask AZ as a command-line tool for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

We will discuss what each meaning entails, what are their features, advantages, limitations, and feedback. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what is Ask AZ and how it can be useful for different purposes.

ask az

Ask AZ as a state-owned industrial corporation

The mission and vision of Ask AZ

Ask AZ is an acronym for Azərbaycan Sənaye Korporasiyası, which means Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation in English. It is a state-owned open joint-stock company that was established in 2017 by the decree of President Ilham Aliyev. Its mission is to increase the efficiency of state property management, to implement corporate governance principles, to enhance the production potential of enterprises, and to foster cooperation among them. Its vision is to contribute to the economic development of Azerbaijan by creating competitive industrial products that meet international standards.

The structure and activities of Ask AZ

Ask AZ consists of several enterprises that operate in various sectors such as metallurgy, chemical industry, construction materials, agriculture, food processing, textile, energy, engineering, etc. Some examples of these enterprises are:

NameArea of specialization

AzerGoldMining and processing of gold, silver, copper, iron ore, etc.

AzerAluminiumProduction and export of aluminium products

AzerCottonCultivation and processing of cotton

The achievements and challenges of Ask AZ

Ask AZ has achieved some notable results since its establishment. For instance, it has increased the production and export of non-oil products, such as gold, aluminium, cotton, hazelnuts, etc. It has also improved the financial and technical performance of its enterprises, as well as their social and environmental responsibility. It has created new jobs and supported the development of local communities.

However, Ask AZ also faces some challenges in its operations. Some of these challenges are:

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  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global and domestic markets

  • The need to diversify the product portfolio and expand the export destinations

  • The need to upgrade the technological and managerial capacities of the enterprises

  • The need to enhance the cooperation and coordination among the enterprises and with other stakeholders

  • The need to comply with the international standards and regulations on quality, safety, and sustainability

Ask AZ is working hard to overcome these challenges and to achieve its strategic objectives. It is implementing various measures and initiatives, such as:

  • Developing and applying anti-crisis plans and programs to mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic

  • Exploring new markets and opportunities for non-oil exports, especially in the neighboring countries and regions

  • Investing in modernization and innovation projects to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the enterprises

  • Establishing joint ventures and partnerships with local and foreign companies to share knowledge and resources

  • Adopting best practices and standards on corporate governance, social responsibility, environmental protection, etc.

Ask AZ as a national confederation of entrepreneurs

The role and functions of Ask AZ

Ask AZ is also an acronym for Azərbaycan Sənayeçilər və İş Adamları Konfederasiyası, which means Azerbaijan Confederation of Entrepreneurs in English. It is a non-governmental organization that was founded in 1999 by a group of prominent business leaders. Its role is to represent and protect the rights and interests of entrepreneurs and employers in Azerbaijan. Its functions are:

  • To participate in the development and implementation of economic policies and legislation that affect the business environment

  • To provide legal, financial, informational, educational, and consulting services to its members and partners

  • To promote dialogue and cooperation among entrepreneurs, employers, employees, government, civil society, and international organizations

  • To support the development of entrepreneurship culture and skills among young people and women

  • To advocate for social justice, human rights, democracy, transparency, and accountability in business activities

The services and benefits of Ask AZ

Ask AZ offers a range of services and benefits to its members and partners. Some of these are:


Membership cardA card that grants access to discounts, privileges, and opportunities from various partner organizations

Business directoryA database that contains information about the members' businesses, products, services, contacts, etc.

Business magazineA quarterly publication that covers news, trends, analysis, interviews, success stories, etc. related to entrepreneurship and business in Azerbaijan

Business forumAn annual event that brings together entrepreneurs, experts, policymakers, investors, media, etc. to discuss current issues and opportunities in the business sector

Business awardsAn annual ceremony that recognizes and honors the best entrepreneurs and employers in various categories such as innovation, social responsibility, export potential, etc.

Business trainingA series of workshops, seminars, webinars, courses, etc. that provide practical knowledge and skills on various aspects of entrepreneurship and business management

Business consultingA service that provides professional advice and guidance on specific issues or challenges faced by entrepreneurs or employers such as taxation, marketing, financing, etc.

Business mediationA service that helps resolve disputes or conflicts between entrepreneurs or employers or with other parties such as customers, suppliers, employees, etc.

Business networkA platform that facilitates communication, collaboration, across different sectors or regions

The events and initiatives of Ask AZ

Ask AZ organizes or participates in various events and initiatives that aim to promote entrepreneurship and cooperation in Azerbaijan. Some of these are:

  • The National Entrepreneurship Week, which is a week-long celebration of entrepreneurship that features various activities such as exhibitions, competitions, conferences, workshops, etc.

  • The National Entrepreneurship Day, which is a day that recognizes and honors the contribution of entrepreneurs to the economic and social development of Azerbaijan

  • The National Entrepreneurship Month, which is a month that focuses on raising awareness and encouraging participation in entrepreneurship among different segments of society, especially young people and women

  • The National Entrepreneurship Year, which is a year that declares entrepreneurship as a national priority and supports the development and implementation of policies and programs that foster entrepreneurship culture and skills

  • The Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is a global movement that connects millions of entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, mentors, etc. from more than 170 countries to share ideas and experiences

  • The Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which is a global event that brings together leaders from government, business, civil society, academia, etc. to discuss and collaborate on solutions for global challenges

Ask AZ as a mobile app for sexual assault survivors

The purpose and featu


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