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NEXT Season 1 - Episode 1

Note: While we touch upon certain basic plot points for Star Trek: Picard Season 3, Episode 1, we are avoiding discussing major spoilers here. The new season premieres on Paramount Plus on Thursday, February 16.

NEXT Season 1 - Episode 1

Rise of the SnakesSeason 1Season1Run time22 minutes per episodeEpisode count13First US air dateDecember 2, 2011Last US air dateApril 11, 2012Written byDan and Kevin HagemanSeason guidePreviousNextMini-moviesSeason 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

The first season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, subtitled Rise of the Snakes, was preceded by the pilot episodes and the mini-movies and succeeded by Season 2. Each of the four original ninja are the focus, Lloyd is the mascot character, Pythor serves as the main antagonist, and the Serpentine are the villainous faction of the season.

Throughout Yellowjackets season 1, episode 1, there are several scenes of the girls, a few months after the crash, covered in furs (obscuring their identities) and performing some sort of ceremony. The girls string up another by her ankles and slit her throat. Later, large pieces of meat are shown cooking over a spit. This leads to the Yellowjackets cannibalism scene, which shows the teen girls carving meat and eating it. This heavily suggests that the girls have murdered one of their own and are consuming human flesh in an effort to survive.

Ella Purnell gave a vague comment in an interview that suggested that the Yellowjackets cannibalism scene foreshadows what's coming in the future. However, Yellowjackets showrunner Jonathan Lisco made a more explicit statement about cannibalism, saying, "the show is not about if cannibalism, it's about why cannibalism and how cannibalism." This makes it clear that, yes, eventually, the survivors do become cannibals, as many people in the show's version of 2021 already assume. Yet Yellowjackets season 1 leaves the question unanswered, only hinting at cannibalism. There are several true story instances of similar tragedies in which the survivors had to eat human flesh to avoid starvation. As was the case in the real-life Andes plane crash in 1972, with no vegetation or animals for meat, the frozen bodies of the dead passengers were the only food source.

One of the things that came out of Jonathan Lisco's interview was that he fronted the idea that the survivors don't resort to cannibalism out of a need for food. In Yellowjackets season 1, Lottie predicts that they will not hunger much longer, and shortly afterward kills a bear that walks up to the cabin, providing food for all. This suggests that, to an extent, the forest might provide without them resorting to cannibalism. Lisco instead suggests that the Yellowjackets' cannibalism might be tied to some of the new social dynamics that spring up in the group in the wilderness, and is based more on psychological states than physical needs. This lines up with the events of Yellowjackets episode 9, "Doomcoming," in which the team hunt Travis through the woods and almost slits his throat while high on shrooms.

The Yellowjackets season 1 ending sees Jackie freeze to death after falling asleep outside. However, following the foreshadowing of the Yellowjackets cannibalism scene in episode 1, does Jackie get eaten? Season 2 should make it clear whether or not Jackie is given a proper funeral, dumped somewhere, or just plain cannibalized. While it's not yet known if Jackie ends up as dinner or not, the series has done an effective job thus far in chronicling the team's slow descent into madness. The likeliest catalyst to bring about cannibalism seems to be Lottie, thus far. However, with Yellowjackets' season 1 ending revealing Taissa's altar, she may also be the culprit.

The probable course of events going into season 2 will involve the girls figuring out what to do with Jackie's body. Shauna will likely want to bury her in the makeshift graveyard that houses the other deceased passengers. However, the girls are going to run out of food at a certain point, and there's no real clue as to when the events of episode 1 occur in the wider narrative. They could run out of food shortly after Jackie's death, as they've had a rough go at finding anything throughout the series. This could lead to the inevitable and foreshadowed first cannibal act. However, who will be the first to take a bite is anyone's guess.

They don't immediately need food, but there is a social dynamic evolving that will become more fleshed out in Yellowjackets season 2. With Jackie dead at the end of Yellowjackets season 1, the character who still tried to be a captain in the wilderness has been removed, and the remaining survivors have a fresh hierarchy to establish that will likely lead to the storylines for Yellowjackets cannibalism.

The release date has become a key feature of the F1 calendar in recent years as the show goes from strength to strength. Now it has the task of cramming all the drama of last season into one season of action.

Producers Box to Box Films wouldn't have believed their luck given the spectacular events of the 2021 season that saw Max Verstappen crowned king of the grid ahead of seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton under extremely controversial circumstances.

In addition to the Verstappen-Hamilton controversy, other sub-plots bubbling away throughout the campaign included McLaren enjoying a terrific season, Esteban Ocon winning a crazy race in Hungary and Sergio Perez growing into his role as Verstappen's teammate at Red Bull.

Thankfully, there's not long to go before we get to relive the drama ahead of the new season and fans around the world will be desperate to race through the new run of episodes with the new F1 2022 season coming soon.

You should expect to see a well-rounded presentation of the 2021 season with a wide focus keeping up with a range of storylines as opposed to just following the Hamilton-Verstappen shenanigans. But that last episode, you absolutely know, is going to be a divisive one.

In the seasons of Modern Warfare (2019), the Battle Pass system offered players a collection of free items, including functional weapons and Call of Duty Points, just by playing the game. It gave our community visibility into what content they were earning or buying, with the ability to upgrade and access 100+ items, including a new Operator, Weapon Blueprints, and more.

At the end of Season 01, players can continue ranking up from wherever they ended up on the Prestige Ranks. This allows players who may not have enough time to level up to catch up in later seasons, while also not resetting the progress of anyone who reached the Max Rank during that season.

Speaking of the Call of Duty Endowment, the Call of Duty Endowment (C.O.D.E.) Bowl III presented by USAA will be held on December 16th from 12-4pm ET during the first Call of Duty League Major, taking place right after the Season 01 mid-season update December 15 to 18 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Call of Duty League Major will also host the first Call of Duty Challengers Open. If you think your squad has what it takes to start on the road to glory, see here for more details.

Netflix is releasing the show in four-episode batches, with the next and final set of episodes arriving on Tuesday, February 28. Keep reading to find out exactly what time you can start watching Perfect Match episode 9 through episode 12. 041b061a72


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