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Sonic Adventure Cheats Xbox 360 NEW!

if you have sonic advance and buy a chao any chao besides the normal chao and send it to sonic adventure 2 battle with the cord if u have them u should know how to do this and then get any shiny chao that u want and make them mate u will get an invisable chaops this chao looks really cool with skeleton dogs u can only c his eyes

Sonic Adventure Cheats Xbox 360


To make invisible chao you have to mate certain chao. They are invisible other than the mouth, the wings, and the ball / ring.These are ways to make them:Shiny yellow and any jewel chao, shiny white and any jewel chao, shiny pink and any jewel chao, and shiny lime green and sapphire jewel chao. Jewel chao are shiny chao that cannot be bought in sonic adventure 2 battle, but they can be bought in the tiny chao garden of sonic advanced 1,2, and 3.Translucent chao are chao you can see through, obviously.These are ways to make them:Mate shiny green chao and a jewel chao makes a green clear chao.Mate shiny blue chao and a jewel chao to make a normal colored chao.There may be more ways to make invisible and translucent chao.

I just played the adventure games just a week or two ago and was very impressed with how well it holds up. I feel like I have more precise movements with sonic in the adventure series than mario in 64 or sunshine. All of which I recently played through, forgot how janky sunshine was. 041b061a72


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