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Teen Stockings

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Santa would leave sweet treasures in there! Choosing Christmas stocking stuffers for teens in my family is one of my favorite things to do all year. These small and simple gifts can be the best things about the holidays!

teen stockings


I spend lots of time thinking about each person and coming up with stocking stuffer ideas that fit their personality; from my gadget-loving husband to my video game-obsessed teen son to my glitter-obsessed tween daughter, I get to think about the very things I love about their personalities and find little trinkets they will treasure.

So in preparation for this holiday season at home, I have compiled a list of teenager-approved stocking stuffer ideas for teens. There are stocking stuffers for teen boys and stocking stuffer ideas for teen girls, all of which have been approved by my own angsty teens. I guarantee you will find something on this list to please yours, too!

As you browse the lists for teenage boys and girls, click the links to view details about the items, including options and pricing. These are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links or make purchases, at no additional cost to you.

Between classes, after school activities, and fun with friends, your teen leads a very busy life. That's why they'll appreciate this travel cup that collapses down to fit any space. It's both microwave and dishwasher safe, too.

When you're gathering up all the best Christmas candies to toss in their stockings, why not add this unique find, too? There's eight all-natural lollipops with lovely floral flavors like lavender-lemongrass and strawberry-basil. The best part? The stick can be planted so they can grow their own herb or flower.

Any teen would love a gift card as a stocking stuffer! I love that you can customize it to what you know they love whether that is gaming, ice cream, or even indoor golf, you can make it so fun!

Updated for 2022! Wrapping up your holiday shopping and looking for some teen gift ideas for their stocking? As the mom of two teens, I put together this list of stocking stuffers for teens, both boys and girls, to help you finish up your holiday shopping!

In the day in age of all the tech that we are in, it is nice to have an alternative to playing on phones. Cooking is a great activity for when teens are bored, and most don't know where to start with baking.

Laying your phone on a cluttered desk or nightstand can be a disaster in the making if something spills or it gets knocked off, this stand can keep the phone safe and teens can see notifications easily.

Many clothes in teen styles have a material that is very attracting to lint (black leggings for example), so a lint roller is very important and a must for any teen. This one is portable and can be carried in backpacks.

Soap bars are super friendly for the environment because they reduce the plastic-use, which many teens are thinking about today. These are handmade and come in fun scents of Avocado Grapefruit, Coconut, Lemongrass , Eucalyptus Mint, Seaweed Sea Salt, and Lavender.

Stocking stuffers are one of my favorite things to buy. It can be a challenge to buy small things that your teen boys will like and make great stocking stuffers for teenage boys. I usually try and buy one or two nicer stocking stuffers and mix those up with things like candy or other treats. We have found some great ideas that your teenage boys will love! Be sure to check out all our Stocking Stuffer Ideas for everyone on your list.

The following list has 50 ideas for Teen Boy Stocking Stuffers. Some are a bit more expensive and many are inexpensive. We have so many great ideas that teen boys will love. We scoured the internet and asked teen boys to find just the best stocking stuffers that they will love. We make it easy to fill their stockings with items they will love.

Get ready, get set, and throw for an incredible flying performance with the Aerobie Pro Lite Miniature Throwing Discs. This convenient PACK OF THREE includes two red-colored and one purple-colored portable miniature throwing discs that provide endless varieties of addictive fun on the go. These discs make for the perfect throwing toys for miniature style exhilarating flying disc games such as ultimate frisbee, disc golf, or for freestyle play in the backyard, at the park, or at the beach. Additionally, your tweens and teens and their friends can explore cool ideas and create your own signature outdoor disc games and moves. The throwing discs are constructed with durable waterproof materials to eliminate the worries of the discs getting ruined if wet and allow you to play in the pool. These soft and flexible discs are made for both right-handed and left-handed throwers, and you can change sides as desired to switch up your throwing performance. Scan the code on the mini disc for tips on how to make trick shots with these. You can gift them all to one recipient or split them up to stuff in stockings.

Your teen will love these super fun, Trending Cool Socks. Grab a few pairs of these fun socks to stuff in their stockings and many of them have a promotion if you buy two pairs. I love these Smiley Face Checkered Socks or these Yellow Tie Dye Smiley Face Socks. My son would love these Warped Smiley Face Socks or these Cool Striped Socks. See all of the Cool Socks here.

This highly-reviewed, pocket size Bamboozled Bluffing Dice Game is a fast and fun game that your teens will love. Bluff your way to victory in this hilarious new dice game! Bamboozled is party style bluffing game where players must roll the dice and tie or beat the previous player, but if they don't they have to bluff! Each players starts with 3 lives. If you get caught bluffing, you lose a life, but if you get away with a bluff, you get a Bamboozled Card. Cards can help you get out of a bind, change the dice, or even give you a life back. This small box will fit right in a stocking!

I love practical stocking stuffers and your teen will find this Magnetic Leather Sunglasses Holder for their Car Visor to be super useful! This soft leather sunglasses holder is closed by magnetic adsorption and the strong magnetic makes it a very firm and stable glasses holder, and they can easily access their sunglasses with one hand. They can choose the position in the holder that best suits the leg of their glasses. If they have thick-legged sunglasses, place your glasses on the bottom, furthest away from the mouth. If you have thin-footed sunglasses, center your glasses. This holder won't work for glasses is greater than 0.19 inches.

This Oh Fruck! game is wildly popular, very highly-reviewed and launched on Kickstarter and made it's debut on Amazon Launchpad for teens and adults. It claims to be the raucous card game that combines strategy with special rules that change every time you play. Your kids will love this game that has special rules and fun twists!

My boys love painting on eye black and now you can get these cool colors of iSplack eyeblack Colored Paint. Whether you are showing school spirit or painting on your eyeblack to match your team's uniform, your tweens and teens will love all of the cool colors like neon green, red, blue, purple, magenta and more of iSplack eye black. You can also find this iSplack eyeblack at Dick's Sporting Goods.

These cool, highly-reviewed books were written by a successful teen, Jack Rosenthal, and your business-minded teens will appreciate getting one of these great books rolled up in his stocking. He is the founder of one of the largest teen-only investment organizations in the world with close to 100 members and over $115,000 in assets. He has been featured in several news and television programs. Teen Investing 101 is a great resource and glossary for your teen that is interested in investing. Whether you're a young investor looking to start their own investment portfolio, already have an investment portfolio and are looking to grow it, or are looking to pursue a career on Wall Street someday this book is a great read! The Teen Entrepreneurship book is a good read for any young entrepreneur thinking about starting his or her own business or just seeking to learn more about entrepreneurship in general. Your teen will get a great overview on starting their own business, learn about the four key entrepreneurship principals, learn about over 9 businesses they can start now and about actions they can take not to start their own business. These books are fun motivating books for your teen's stocking.

Your teen will love this cool and fresh Harry's Stone Body Wash. The Stone scent is infused with notes of Japanese Yuzu, Charcoal, and Bergamot (think: miniature oranges) for an invigorating scent to kick off (or wash off) their day. Made without parabens, sulfates, or dyes, this body cleanser banishes dirt and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. Body washes often use sulfates to create lather, which can be harsh on your skin. We chose gentle ingredients that cleanse deeply while treating your skin with care and still creating plenty of suds. Harry's Body Wash for Men creates a rich sulfate-free lather with creamy, full soap suds, leaving skin smooth and conditioned.

Help your teens keep their airpods clean! AirSquares phone putty are the ideal Airpod accessory to keep your electronic buds looking shiny, new, and dust-free. The putty removes debris that blocks the sensors from pairing. These Airsquares are convenient, easy to use and mess-free, AirSquares are the easiest way to restore your tech devices to like-new quality. Choose from two sizes: a 12 pack or a 24 pack.

These Star Wars-themed small, inspirational books make great little stocking stuffers or small gifts for tweens or teens. This Be More Yoda Book promotes a balanced mind and an inner calm. It gives reminders to be a positive influence on the world. A Jedi must embody all of these qualities in order to master the Force. But these same self-enlightenment skills can also help you to master a chaotic life in a galaxy much closer to home. The perfect gift for Star Wars fans, Star Wars: Be More Yoda is an entertaining guide to mindfulness, featuring iconic moments and famous sayings from the Star Wars movies alongside light-hearted life lessons. 041b061a72


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