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Access Virus Vst Plugin PATCHED

i am the owner of a new virus ti (the one with both the 0 and 1 outputs on the panel) and i am having trouble using it in access virus. i am trying to get the di out of access virus and put it into the virus ti. and when i do that, i don't get any sound from the virus ti anymore. i am trying to setup a virus c (for the first time) to patch the virus ti. but when i plug the virus c in my virus ti, i get no sound. it's like the virus ti is not recognizing the virus c. please help! i am running all of these on windows xp. i am using the latest version of both access virus and virus ti. i am using the latest version of virus c (it's on version 3.0). is there something i am doing wrong? i would be very happy if someone could help. thank you!

Access virus vst plugin


  • for virus indigo users with existing patches, the following updates can be downloaded from the aura plugins website: virus indigo 3.3.0

  • virus indigo patch list

  • virus indigo sample bank

  • virus indigo sample bank (.sbs)

virus indigo vst plugin is a high-quality audio editing plug-in for windows os. it is the successor to virus and is the first vst plug-in to use the new framework version 3.3.0. from the new framework version, virus indigo is one of the first plug-ins with support for hidpi.

virus indigo can be updated to support the newer version of the framework, so this allows the plug-in to work with the new updates. however, for existing virus users, these updates will be offered for free as a courtesy.

the virus indigo vst plugin is a free update for existing users of the virus plugin. if you currently own virus, you may purchase a $95 upgrade to virus indigo. the upgrade must be purchased through avid customer service.


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