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Fix the Chrome Download Bar Not Showing up Error Quickly and Easily

If the Chrome download bar is missing while you are downloading a file in Chrome, you need to take some measures to get the download bar back. In this post, MiniTool Software will introduce some easy and useful methods you can try.

chrome download bar not showing up

From the Chrome download bar, you can see the name of the file that is downloading, the size of the file, how big the file has been downloaded, how much download time has left, and the status of the download(ed) file.

When the file is successfully downloaded, you can click the arrow-up icon and select Open to open that file or click Show in folder to access the folder where the downloaded file is saved.

You can see: the Chrome download bar is a useful feature that can help you find the information of the downloading file and quickly locate where it is saved. However, you may find that the Chrome download bar is missing for some reason.

chrome://flags: Try Experimental Features & Activate Debug ToolsIn this post, we will talk about chrome://flags, which can help you activate additional debugging tools or try out new or experimental features in Chrome.

chrome //flags settings: Concept, Activation & Deactivation What is chrome//flags settings? How to manage chrome//flags settings to improve your browsing experience? See this guide to get the answers!

Your antivirus software could also block the Chrome download bar. If your Chrome download bar is not showing up after you install a new antivirus software, it should be blocked by this antivirus tool. You can disable or remove it and then see if the download bar is back.

If the Chrome download bubble is enabled in your Chrome, the Chrome download bar will disappear by default. If you want to get the Chrome download bar back, you need to disable the Chrome download bubble.

In addition, if you want to recover your lost downloaded files, you can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This professional data recovery software can recover all kinds of files from different types of data storage devices. With the free edition of this software, you can recover up to 1 GB of files without paying any cent.

Stella has been working in MiniTool Software as an English Editor for more than 7 years. Her articles mainly cover the fields of data recovery including storage media data recovery and phone data recovery, YouTube videos download, partition management, and video conversions.

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Every Web browser has the ability to download files from sites on the web, Google Chrome is no different. When you start a download, Chrome shows its progress at the bottom of the shelf with options to pause, cancel, open when the download is complete and always open a certain file type.

Final words: Google has replaced the Chrome browser Downloads shelf at the bottom with a new button on the toolbar. The Downloads pop-up shows download progress and offer context menu options for each download to act on. The feature is currently available in Chrome 102 Canary. According to the release schedule, Chrome 102 is expected to be available to the public on May 24.

Enable or disable the gray shelf at the bottom of every window associated with the current browser profile. The shelf will be disabled as long as at least one extension has disabled it. Enabling the shelf while at least one other extension has disabled it will return an error through runtime.lastError. Requires the "downloads.shelf" permission in addition to the "downloads" permission.

Adding --force-dark-mode to CHROMIUM_FLAGS variable in /etc/chromium-browser/default do the trick :D !!!Thanks to this post:How to change the color of Chromium (only chrome) downloads bar in a GTK3 theme?

This actually performs fine except in one case: when you click on a PDF link on this app and it downloads to the browser, then opens the PDF in a new tab instead of system viewer (if that is the user's browser setting). Then when closing the tab and going back to the app's tab, it spends an inordinate amount of time on resize logic (normal resize logic timing from click dragging window corner is 1-3s, this is like 15-20s)

I think multiple resizes may be triggered simultaneously when the downloads bar pops into the page and the new tab opens. There is already a very large (1500ms) debouncer in place but maybe something about opening a new tab / the download bar resizing instead of click-drag resizing makes the debouncer not apply in this case) and causes this huge slowdown when closing the PDF and going back to the app tab.

The path I'm trying is: i want to detect a resize that is from the downloads bar as opposed to for other reasons (maybe the y delta being exactly the same as downloads bar height?? is there a way to do that?) and just return false, we dont care much if that 50-100px is not adjusted for and when they close it, it will resize normally anyway.

Google is testing the new design on some users, hence not all users experience the new downloads bubble yet. Now, if you have not received the new design and want to use it, then you can use the steps below to enable it. Or if you have received the new design and absolutely hate it, then you can also follow the steps below to go back to the old design.

Hello - I have done ALL of the items listed by Google and on the helpful websites and deleted with the and reloaded the Chrome download from the above link and still receive

Google Chrome has begun offering a new user experience for downloads. The development team added a downloads button to the top toolbar late last year, and will gradually make it more informative and useful. It appears the downloads bar located at the bottom of the window will gradually be deprecated and eventually removed completely.

The new downloads button will shift the information about ongoing and recently finished downloads to the browser toolbar. This information previously resided on the browser shelf at the bottom. In other words, Google seems to be adopting the download experience offered by Microsoft Edge.

As spotted by eagle-eyed Redditor u/Leopeva64-2, the revamped download icon now resides in the toolbar on Chrome Canary. Moreover, the development team has added the basic structure of the download bubble.

It is not immediately clear, but future iterations of the downloads bubble should have the same options currently available in the downloads bar, which includes Open, Show in folder, and so forth. Additionally, Google plans to replace the downloads bar (at the bottom of the window) with the download bubble in the toolbar, as confirmed by a comment in a patch:

As evident from the GIF, the download icon is still very much a work in progress. The current stable version of Google Chrome does have the downloads bar. However, the Chrome dev team seems committed to revamping the user experience. Hence, the new UI could be seen in the next Canary release.

Sometimes, Google Chrome users may encounter issues with their download bar, which prevents them from keeping track of their downloads. In this blog post, we will consider the possible reasons why the Chrome download bar may not be showing up and solutions to fix the problem.

The Chrome download bar is a feature in the Google Chrome web browser that appears at the bottom of the screen when a file is being downloaded. It displays the progress of the download and allows the user to manage their downloads.

However, there are times when the download bar may not appear to users. When this happen, such users cannot keep track of their downloads. Below are the various causes and solutions to help fix the Chrome download bar not showing up issue.

When clicking on an application or desktop to launch via Citrix Workspace or Citrix Storefront on an Internet Browser (not within Citrix Workspace App) and an ".ica" file shows in the download bar on the bottom left please follow these steps to automatically open said file: ICA file is downloaded during the process. After the ICA file is downloaded, enable the browser to open similar files automatically.Note: Instructions below are similar for other OS's when using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge Browsers.

I need to ensure that the download completes before an action is taken on the file. I tried implementing On Element Appear activity to achieve this objective (Please check the attached image). Now the problem is that the UiPath robot is not able to detect the download bar at the bottom of chrome browser. I made sure that under google chrome settings, it asks each time before download and that the bar shows up every time a file is downloaded. But in case of UiPath execution, upon download, the bar appears momentarily and disappears.

AutoHideDownloadsBar is another extension that fully disables the download shelf as soon as you finish installing it. However, it does contain a few additional options that you can use to customize how the extension works. And they are worth checking out.

I have recently migrated from Chrome to Firefox and imported passwords and bookmarks over. Everything seems to be fine except for icons in Bookmark Bar. For some reason are some of them showing up, but most of them are not. I have tried several things like:

When migrating from Chrome to Firefox and vice versa, the bookmark icons are not transferred over. Instead, the icon is replaced with the browser's default (in Firefox that's a wireframe sphere) until you visit the website and the icon is downloaded.

This article falls into the "Chrome does odd things when downloading files" category. Every so often, I like to write articles that simply document weird problems and their solutions/workarounds. I figure that if I've encountered the issue and spent time trying to figure it out, some of you will, too. So this is for the folks who spent the last 30 or 40 minutes trying to Google an answer for why Chrome is doing odd things with their downloads and hoping for an answer.

My wife does our little firm's bookkeeping. This means that every week or so, she has to download a whole bunch of bank, credit card, and vendor statements. She files those on our Bookkeeping Share on the Synology NAS, so we have them for taxes, reporting, or any other fiducially responsible need that crops up. She has been doing this for as long as there have been online statements.


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